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Coaches & Staff


All coaching assignments are tentative and subject to change



With over three decades of coaching experience, Adam is our high energy, enthusiastic and winning leader. He started NPJ in 2009 and the club has grown from 2 teams to 56 teams with squads in Salem, Bend, Portland and Seattle. His 18 Forefront teams have placed in the Top 20 in the country at the USA Volleyball Girls' Junior National Championships.

Adam recognizes talent and has a vast network of college coaches to call upon. Every NPJ athlete who wants to play college volleyball has found an opportunity to do so.

Married to Katie Brewington, the couple resides in Sherwood.

Kayce Lilley - 17 National Head Coach & NPJ Salem Assistant Club Director

Kayce is in her 5th season coaching with NPJ. She has coached at the 16s and 17s levels. In the 2023 club season, Kayce head coached 16 National who finished 3rd in the USA division at USAV Girls Junior National tournament. The previous year both teams Kayce was on staff for finished in the top 8 at GJNC. She also has 10 years experience coaching at the high school varsity level. Kayce serves as the assistant director of NPJ Salem.

Kayce attended Western Oregon University and Oregon State University and has a master's degree in school counseling. 

A native of Astoria, Kayce grew up playing beach as well as indoor and continues to have a strong love for beach volleyball, time spent at the coast and enjoys traveling in her free time.


Mike Gee is a volleyball coach, developer, and medal-winning technical coordinator who supports and empowers you to find what works best for you, unlocking new levels of performance that you can measure. Mike is passionate about motor learning and player development, and openly shares all of his knowledge with anyone looking to be a better player or coach. 

This is Mike's seventh year coaching at NPJ, and his 20th year coaching volleyball overall. He has a bachelor's degree in psychology from the University of California, Berkeley. One thing you'll hear him say a lot is, "it's cool to be nice, so be cool."

Coach’s Responsibilities:

  1. Provide each player and her family a handbook of protocol and schedule of practices and competitions
  2. Establish policies for supervision, training and coaching conduct
  3. Provide a communication tree for all families and players
  4. Prepare a schedule of drills and objectives prior to each practice
  5. Teach proper technique and fundamentals to all players.
  6. Teach and model proper strategies for optimal individual skill and team play
  7. Communicate clearly to each player her role on the team and redirect her efforts when they stray from the mission
  8. Balance hard work, FUN, and discipline during all practices and competitions
  9. Provide a positive and trusting environment for all players, including opportunities for reflective discussions and competition debriefing
  10. Lead by example: present as a positive role model for all players both on and off the court.
  11. Support and encourage all NPJ teams to play with confidence and commitment to winning
  12. Prepare each athlete to respond appropriately to a variety of situations that occur both on and off the court.