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2018-19 Season Highlights

USA Volleyball Girls' Junior National Championship
Qualified Teams

18 Forefront-Open Division, Top 20 in the nation
17 National-USA Division earning a bronze medal
14 National-National Division, Top 25 in the nation
13 National-National Division
13 Bend National-USA Division
12 Bend National-National Division

CEVA Regional Championships
18 Forefront-18s Champion
17 National- 18s Second Place
16 National Bend- 5th place
14 National- 3rd place
12 National Bend- 5th place

Platinum League Contenders
Only club in Oregon & Washington to have four (4) teams compete in Platinum League
18 Forefront
17 National
16 Bend National
16 National

North Pacific Juniors Volleyball Club

The mission of (NPJ) North Pacific Juniors Volleyball Club is to recruit, support and train committed athletes to play competitive volleyball and prepare them with essential skills for high school, and college level competition, as well as to teach life lessons through the game of volleyball.


Adam Ellis

Club Director

Phone: 541-908-0536

Salem Team Photos

January 6-8, 2020 at The Hoop. We will again be offering a system that allows you to sign up for individual pictures at a particular time and day to avoid waiting, or you can just try to walk in during the week and we will work you in. NPJ  has requested that players wear the blue jerseys for the individual and team pictures. On Monday January 6, at 6:55 pm, the entire club will take the annual  NPJ Club-wide picture, this will be taken right as the first practice session ends and the second practice session starts, so be there in full uniform from head to toe.

This years package options are the same as last year:

$30 - Individual Digital Photo

Formatted to 4x6, 5x7, 8x10 - Team Digital Photo,  formatted to 4x6, 5x7, 8x10


$100 - NPJ Action Photo Pass 

For those of you who want action photos I am offering a 50% discount for all action photo bookings at NPJ Hosted events, so $100 for 30-50 in-game and action photos. This is a pretty good deal and this is most likely the last year I will be offering action photos, so hopefully, you take advantage of this great deal. All photos are digital and delivered via email within 7 days of the event completion. It will most likely involve shooting more than one match, so you will get your photos as long as your athlete sees the court. Here is a list of those events.

December 21 (14s  and 18s) The Hoop
December 22 (12s and 16s) The Hoop
January 4  (12s and 16s) The Hoop
January 5  (14s & 18s) The Hoop
February 2 ( 14s and 16s) The Hoop
February 22  (12s and 14s ) The Hoop
March 1 ( 14s ) The Hoop
March 8  ( 12s and 14s ) Western Oregon University 
March 15  ( 16s and 18s ) Western Oregon University 
March 21  (12s and 16s) The Hoop
April 5  (12s and 14s ) Western Oregon University 
April 12  (16s and 18s ) Western Oregon University
April 19 (14s and 16s ) The Hoop

To sign up for theses photos please follow this link, select the day you would like to shoot, then select the event "NPJ Portraits or NPJ Hosted Tournaments", then select the day/time and pay.

Finally, regardless of your decision to purchase pictures or not, the club is requiring everyone to take a headshot this year, so if you are this person you will just need to pop in during our walk-in hours, and there will be plenty of them, so don't worry about that, the schedule is posted below.

Monday, January 6
4:30 - Team Photos (11 National, 12 National, 12 Black, 14 National, 14 White, 15 Black)
4:00-5:45 - Individuals (Walk in and Scheduled)
7:00 - Club-wide Photo
7:15 - 8:45 - Individuals (Walk in and Scheduled)
9:00 - Team Photos (18 National, 16 Elite, 16 Black, 13 National, 14 Orange, 16 Orange, 16 White) 

Tuesday, January 7
4:00 - 4:30 - Individuals (Walk in and Scheduled)
4:40 - Team Photos (14 Black, 16 National)
5:00 - 5:55 - Individuals (Walk in and Scheduled) 
6:00 - Team Photos (18 Forefront)
6:50 - Team Photos (15 National, 17 National)

Wednesday, January 8
4:30 - 8:00 - Individuals (Walk in and Scheduled)


Justin Quinn, Owner
Justin Quinn Photography