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2022 Fall Seattle Academy

 NPJ Fall Academy Program for Beginner/Intermediate volleyball players (All Ages)

NPJ Salem is offering two levels of academy training.  Playing experience requirements are listed for each academy. 



Beginner Girls’ Volleyball Academy

(All Ages)

Tuesday's & Thursday's

September 6th - October 27th


Intermediate Girls’ Volleyball Academy

(All Ages)

Tuesday's & Thursday's

September 6th - October 27th


Fall Academy Cost

Monthly / $225

September & October / $395

Levels of Academy

Our Beginner Level is meant for rising 4th-6th graders who are ready to try more complex sports. Our Intermediate Level is meant for rising 7th graders and up, and is a great stepping stone for those interested in progressing in the sport.

Volleyball is a sport that requires complex visual and motor skills, quick decision-making, and teamwork. The sport of volleyball involves lots of running, jumping, throwing (serving and hitting), and potentially, diving, sliding, sprawling, and rolling. This program accommodates individuals of various states of readiness; therefore, no previous playing experience or skill is required.

In both our Beginner and Intermediate Levels, the drills, equipment, court dimensions, and games are all scaled down, and the rules of play are semi-flexible to promote success, action, and engagement. Participants will focus on playing, having fun, and learning as they go. Our coaches and staff pay close attention to each participant to ensure that they stay interested in the activity and want to keep playing. In addition to learning to practice and play the key aspects of volleyball, participants will:

  •  Learn simple drills and lead-up games, with elements of cooperation and/or competition to facilitate learning, engagement, and personal development.
  • Learn basic position play as well as offensive and defensive strategies.
  • Be introduced to basic rules of volleyball.
  • Be introduced to basic skills and variations.
  • Continue to build, refine, and strengthen important social skills for kids.

Note: We recognize that some kids develop sooner than others. We will always let you know if we see that your kid is ready for a higher level of play. You can always talk with us about moving up or down in level.

Bring a large water bottle and, if possible, wear spandex shorts, t-shirt or dri fit (moisture-wicking fabric), volleyball knee pads, and court shoes.

Unsure what  level of clinic your athlete should join? Please contact Paula Schwan at and he will be happy to help answer any questions!