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2023 NPJ Club Info

2023 NPJ Parent Meeting Info

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Why NPJ?

You know how coaches like Karch Kiraly (head coach of the USA women’s national team) are inspiring leaders and lifelong learners who are genuinely invested in helping others succeed? Well, that’s who we are. That’s what we do.

Ultimately, we want our kids to have fun and play in a supportive, safe, family environment. This kind of focus is at our core and something we are proud to provide to all our players at all age levels.

Our mission is to provide a healthy, positive, and rewarding experience for all players, coaches, and family members. At NPJ, we are focused on helping every player build the tools they’ll need to succeed both on and off the court.

When you join our team, you join our family. Come and be a part of what makes us the #1 club in the Pacific Northwest.

Things that make us proud of NPJ

  • Family first atmosphere 
  • Top coaches in the PNW, including all levels of collegiate and high school coaches
  • Highest level of competition in the PNW (Nationally ranked teams)
  • Private Facility in all four locations. Salem, Bend and Seattle & Portland
  • Top level, hands-on recruiting program in Oregon and Washington (including a free membership with Connect Volleyball). Every NPJ athlete that has wanted to play in college is either doing so or done so. If you want to play collegiate volleyball NPJ is the club for you. 
  • Extra Services (Lessons, Clinics, Academy programs, personal trainer) 
  • Scholarship / Fundraising programs 
  • Lifelong friendships and FUN! 

Team Gear

NPJ Nike Jerseys 

NPJ Nike Spandex

NPJ Nike Warm up Jacket

NPJ Nike Leggings

Nike Knee Pads

 NPJ Nike Backpack

2 Practice T - Shirts

Nike shoes can be purchased with NPJ discount



1) How much is the initial deposit on tryout Day?

Club cost coming soon! We are waiting to hear back from tournaments and hotels. We always offer a discount if you pay in full. 

2) When are monthly payments due? 

Payments will be due on the first of each month. When your athlete is placed on a team, they will receive a link to register with their team on tryout day. At that time, we will set up an automatic payment plan.

3) What if there is a shut down during the season? Will we be refunded? However, we are planning for a normal season! 

We will adjust the last scheduled payment(s) depending on days canceled throughout the season etc. We will have automatic payments each month and take off the appropriate amount on the last month(s) of dues owed. You will not be charged for anything we have to cancel. Example: If we needed to shut down for a week in February, the cost will be taken off your May payment or March payment if you are on a local team. Any tournaments that are canceled and we are refunded for, we will pass that refund onto our club members. 

4) What will be included in all club dues this season? 

Nike uniforms and gear, practice/gym time, coaches’ pay, 8 tournaments in Oregon and Washington (Local will get 6 tournaments total and only travel in Central Oregon) 

15U and older athletes will stay in team rooms and their hotels will be included in club cost.

**If you are a Salem athlete, MHM in Eugene will not be considered a travel tournament and you will not have team rooms. 

5) Do you have any options or programming if we do not want to be on a team? 

Yes! We will be offering our Academy program. Each 4-week session will cost approximately $250 for 2 practices a week for 1.5 hours. We will offer 3 months of Academy. (12 weeks total) Academy members will not receive any NPJ gear /uniform or attend tournaments. If your team schedule allows, you can join Academy along with being on an NPJ team.

6) How do you guys deal with recruiting for your athletes? 

We are motivated to help each one of our athletes get connected with coaches and will help provide film, stats, etc. We are proud to say every athlete in our club that has wanted to play at the collegiate level has had the opportunity to do so and we do not plan on breaking that achievement! During the 2020-2021 club season, we signed off 35 seniors to play at the next level! We promise to help you achieve your goals!

If you are wanting to know more information about our club, please call Assistant Club Director, Courtney Shaffer at 503-949-6405.


Courtney Shaffer - NPJ Assistant Club Director