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Brooke Walton

Brooke Walton

Head Coach

Bend 14-2 Local Schedule

MAR 13-14 2-Day Tournament Sisters HS or MS
MAR 20 Tournament Sisters HS or MS
APR 11 Tournament Sisters HS or MS
APR 17-18 2-Day Tournament Sisters HS or MS

Recent NPJ Bend 14-2 Local News

Mar 13-14th - Friendship Tournament

By admin 03/12/2021, 9:15am PST

This weekend (March 13th & 14th) is your first 2-day Friendship Tournament of the season.  There will be  AM and PM waves of pool play on Saturday so check your schedule below.


Tournament Details:

Where:  Sisters Middle School


Time:  Coaches and players need to arrive no later than 7:30am.  First match is 8:00am.  


Day 1 Pool Play Schedule:

Bend 14-1 Local (Pool 4)
2:00 - play
3:00 - ref
4:00 - play
5:00 - ref
6:00 - off
7:00 - play

Bend 14-2 Local (Pool 3)2:00 - play
2:00 - play
3:00 - off
4:00 - ref
5:00 - play
6:00 - play
7:00 - off

Bend 14-3 Local (Pool 1)
8:00 - off
9:00 - play
10:00 - play
11:00 - off
12:00 - play
1:00 - ref


Facility Rules & Site Entry

- FIVE non-rostered spectator are allowed into the gym during matches.  Coaches will receive  bracelets for each match, and teams much keep track.

- Gate fee is $5.00 per spectator for the day.  Cash or venmo only no CC.

- Live streaming will be provided Saturday by Central Oregon Volleyball Club through our event Facebook page link below.  

- Masks are required by everyone at all times.

- Food tables/tents are totally acceptable OUTSIDE ONLY.  We will offer limited concessions, water, gatorade and snacks. .

- Teams are not allowed to socialize with other teams.

- Teams and spectators will be required to return to the team area or depart the facility when not competing.

- The facility will not allow congregating in the front area in compliance with the state’s social distancing requirements.

- Hand sanitizer will be available at the scorer’s table for use between matches.[0]=AZWCkYDLcV8vQveB7xRQWO42Mce1jEUzGbmsXJsOMRgA860eB8dXIMY8fOZSP43pn8ZvhqUwqiEs4Nrbz0e6KmsBoEPkJWRQr7_g34-Awcn5slrZtWwRVwdAaSsmP3CYHpcZRHuAwqZ8oM50XpA4PhvPhoIMFt24rHoahXH3Ik_nJ7Z29GxeXIYbNsMpmvWCxjU&__tn__=R]-R

Welcome to your Team Page ...

By admin 02/25/2021, 3:00pm PST

This team page is where you'll find all new TEAM related information, including roster, coaching staff, tournament schedule and important tournament specific information.   Those tournament updates will be posted here in the NEWS section, approximately one week prior to tournaments.  

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