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Stephanie  Papke

Stephanie Papke

Head Coach

Carlye Hupp

Carlye Hupp

Assistant Coach

2021 Tournament Schedule

FEB 7 Power League #1 Performance Zone
FEB 21 Power League #2 Auburn Fieldhouse
MAR 7 Power League #3 Auburn Fieldhouse
MAR 14 PSR Bid Challenge Auburn Fieldhouse
MAR 27 NPJ Oregon Scrimmage The Hoop in Salem
APR 11 Power League #4 Performance Zone
APR 24 NPJ Club Hosted Performance Zone
MAY 15-16 PSR Regionals NW Sports Hub
JUN 5-6 Triple Crown Salt Lake City Accepted

* All travel tournaments as labeled as "tentative" until we can verify the tournament is still able to proceed safely in 2021

Hotel and Flight information for all travel tournaments will be posted in the NEWS section below.

18 National News & Tournament Info

April 11th - Power League #4

By admin 04/08/2021, 2:15pm PDT

This weekend (Sunday, April 11th) is your fourth Power League Tournament of the season.  Due to COVID protocols, please read through the facility info and check-in procedure carefully.


Tournament Details:

Where:  Performance Zone 


Time:  Coaches and players need to arrive no later than 7:30am.  Facilities are staggering check-in, and teams must check in an hour before their first assignment.  First match is 8:00am.


AES Schedule Link


Facility Rules & Site Entry

- Only one non-rostered spectator is allowed into the gym.  That spectator must remain the same person the entire day

- Teams will be required to complete the COVID Check-in using the QR code provided by the Site Director. Spectators
are to accompany their team to check-in.

- Staggered entry:  Check-in one hour prior to first assignment.

- Wristbands will be issued upon completion of the COVID Check-in procedures to all rostered players, rostered
coaches, and spectators.

- Coaches will be required to present a picture ID and to verify the team’s roster. Site directors will already have each
team’s roster.

- Masks are required by everyone at all times.

- Mask exemption must be documented by the individual’s primary care physician and provided to the site director during team check-in.
- Outside chairs are not allowed.

- Players are allowed to bring personal food into the facility; no food sharing will be allowed.

- There will not be a trainer on-site.

- Teams are not allowed to socialize with other teams.

- Teams and spectators will be required to return to the team area or depart the facility when not competing.

- The facility will not allow congregating in the front area in compliance with the state’s social distancing requirements.

- Hand sanitizer will be available at the scorer’s table for use between matches.

- The following items and areas must be sanitized between matches:

1 Game ball(s)
2 Officials stand and padding
3 Topandbottomofthenettape,standards,andpadding
4 Scoretable,chairs,clipboard,flipchart,pencils/pens
5 Team benches (if provided by site)

- In the event of a Covid exposure or positive test, please contact the host facility and PSR office.