Posted on 13 May, 2017 in Tryouts.

NPJ had another successful regional championships take a look at where all of our teams finished at the 37th Annual CEVA regionals championships, way to Go NPJ!!! If you are looking for a new club for the 2018 season we hope you will consider joining the NPJ family. one of the top clubs in the entire Pacific Northwest!!!

Regional Finish

18 Forefront 1st PLACE out of 48 teams​​​*REGIONAL CHAMPIONS


12 Elite 4th PLACE out of 52 teams

12 Black 25th out of 52 teams​​​*Diamond Division Champions

13 Elite 67th out of 136 teams

14 National 17th out of 136 teams​​​*Bronze Division Champions

14 Black 47th out of 136 teams

14-Orange​​ 79th out of 136 teams

14 White 123rd out of 136 teams

15 National 15th out of 116 teams

15 Black 49th out of 116 teams​​​*Comeback Division Champions

15 Orange ​​89th out of 116 teams​​​*Classic Division Champions

16 National 2nd PLACE out of 116 teams

16 Black 15th out of 116 teams

16 Orange ​​66th out of 116 teams

16 White 97th out of 116 teams​​​*Comet Division Champions

17 National 7th out of 48 teams

18 Black 19th out of 48 teams

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