N.P.J. was established eight years ago for committed athletes with common goals
using volleyball as a tool to achieve those goals. Since the club was
established in 2009, every club member at N.P.J. who has wanted to play
collegiate volleyball has had the opportunity to do so. We at N.P.J.
truly believe that there is a home out there for anyone willing to work
hard enough to achieve their goals. Whether its a D-1 PAC 12 school or
an NAIA school or a community college, the important thing is that
every N.P.J. player who has wanted to continue their volleyball career
through their college years has had the opportunity to do so. The
recruiting process is lengthy and extremely time consuming and
therefore should be started freshman or sophomore year of high school.
One of the things that sets N.P.J. apart from other top clubs in the
region is we personally walk every interested player/family through the
recruiting process as well as offer a year by year recruiting guide for
all of our club members. If your goal is to play volleyball past high
school and you want to work hard to achieve that goal, come check out
N.P.J. we ARE the right fit for you!!!


Former N.P.J. Players:


Kayleigh Welchel: OIT 2010

Mona Gourdazian: Cal State East Bay, LBCC, Southern Oregon University 2010

Katie Toomb: Washington and Lee 2011

Lindsay Verboort: LBCC, Southern Oregon University 2011

Miah Boeder: LBCC, Corban 2011

Megan Olayinka: Occidental College LA 2011

Audrey Frazier: Linfield 2011

Tiffany Miller: Southern Oregon University 2012

Rachel Burke: LBCC 2012

Mikenzee Frazier: Corban 2013

Jordan Savage: Chemeketa 2013

Amanda Short: Western Oregon University 2014

Whitney Webster: Oregon Institute of Technology 2014

Haley Wells: Montana State Billings 2014

Marandah Boeder: Chemeketa 2014

Kiley Barcroft: Southern Oregon University 2014

Shelby Miller: Corban University 2014

Natalie Wallace: Chemeketa 2014

Sydney Slater: Webber International University 2014


Payton Rund: Signed with Saint Mary’s College of California for 2015

Hannah Bogatin: Signed with Southern Oregon University for 2015

Reilly Hack: Signed with Eastern Oregon University for  2015

Hadley Heck: Signed with Portland State University for 2015

Rachel Tostberg: Signed with Humboldt State University for 2015

Ally McDonald: Signed with Chemeketa Community College for 2015

Erin McNally: Signed with Chemeketa Community College for 2015

Grace Rivers: signed with Warner Pacific for 2015

Taylor Petersen: Committed to Point Loma for 2015

Libbie Hoene: Signed with Western Oregon University for 2015

Vanessa Hayes: Signed with University of Alaska Anchorage for 2016

Kamelah Noel: Signed with Vanguard University for 2016

Emma Ryan: Signed with Southern Oregon University for 2016

Paige Whipple: Signed with University of Arizona for 2017

Maddy Von Flue: Signed with OIT for 2016

Simone Leaks: Signed with OIT for 2016

Haylie Bennett: Signed with Oregon State University for 2016

Val Diede: Committed to play at University of Hartford for 2018

Selbie Christensen: Committed to play at Saint Marys College of California for 2018

Kylie Ristvedt: Committed to play at University of Portland for 2018

Taylor Gibson: Committed to play at Southern Oregon University for 2017

Ellie Belton: Signed to play at Chemeketa Community College for 2017

Calla Meyer: Committed to play at Missouri S & T for 2017

Jane Cale: Signed to play at Chemeketa Community College for 2017

Sarah Penner: Signed to play at Gonzaga University for 2017

Kasey Campbell: Signed to play at Northwest Christian for 2017

Delaney Smith: Signed to play at Portland State University for 2017





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